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 Hardness Tester                 〔Mitutoyo・Future-Tech・Imai Seiki・Wolpert-Wilson〕
 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester                                   Mitutoyo
micro viskers hardness tester mitutoyo photo           vickers hardness tester photo        hardness tester photo
          HM-211                    HM-211+TV unit              HM-211 Auto Measuring Unit
Model HM-211 HM-211
Load(mN) 98.07/196.1/294.2/490.3/980.7/1961/
Load control Auto control(Load・Hold・Release)
Objective lens 10X、50X 10X、50X、100X
Max measuring range 10X:700μm、50X: 140μm 10X:700μm、50X: 140μm、100X
Workpiece table With digital micrometer/Table size 100x100mm/Move range 25x25mm/Min reading 1μm
Specimen size Height 133mm, 160mm backward to indentor center
Turret change Motor driven (Manual operation available)
Data display function LCD Color touch panel
Indent diagonal length:Max 5-digit, Min reading 0.01μm/Hardnes:Max 4-digit, Min reading 0.1 hardness
Load・Hold・Release time, Judgement of(OK/NG, Hardness conversion, Indentor(HV/HK), Table movement
Hardness conversion function SAE/ASTM/BS i860/DIN
Static arithmetic unit Number of data, Max value, Min value, Average, Upper limit, Lower limit, Number of OK,
Number of +NG/ーNG, Standard deviation
Output  Digitmatic :1CH、Centronics:1CH, RS232C : 1CH
Option  TV camera・Auto measuring unit AUM・Auto positioning unit APU
Size・Weight  400x640x600mm, 43kg
hardness tester future-tech photo
Model HM-101 HM-102 HM-103
Load (mN) 98.07/196.1/294.2/490.3/980.7/1961/
Objective lens 10X(Observation)
50X (Measuring)
10X, 50X (Observation、Measuring)
Indent diagonal length display 0.2μm(Analog) 0.1μm (Digitao)
Max measuring length 140μm 10X: 700μm/50X: 140μm
Specimen table Micrometer head:Analog, Movement range: 25x25mm、
Min reading: 10μm
Data processing unit Vickers, Knoop hardness calculating function,
OK/NG judgement function
Turret change Manual
CCD camera・TV monitor unit Standard
Output SPC, RS-232C, Centronics
Machine size・Weight Body:410x600x590mm, Control panel:165x260x105mm, 42kg
 Vickers Hardness Tester                                            Mitutoyo
       rockwell hardness tester mitutoyo photo          hardness tester matuzawa photo         hardness tester future-tech photo           
                 AVK-C0                         HV114                          HV-115
Model AVK-C0 HV-112 HV-113 HV-114 HV-115
Load (N) 9.807/49.03/98.07/
Objective lens 10X 10X, 20X (Measuring availabe)
Min display 1μm 0.1μm
Max measuring length 700μm 10X: 700μm, 20X: 350μm
Data processor Vickers・Knoop・Brinel hardness calculating function, Static arithmetic function,
Toughness bread calculation function
Turret change Manual Motor driven
Output RS-232C、Centronics、SPC, Output
CCD camera/TV monitor unit Standard Standard
Machine size・Weight 200x600x705mm, 45kg Machine size:245x515x770mm, Control panel:165x260x105mm, 50kg
 Rockwel Hardness Tester                                         Mitutoyo
hardness tester photo
            ARK-600         ATK-600            AR-20             AR-10
Model ARK-600 ATK-600 AR-10 AR-20
Initial load(N) 98.07 29.42/98.07 98.07 98.07
Load(N) 588.4/980.7/1471 147.1/294.2/441.3
588.4/980.7/1471 588.4/980.7/1471
Load change Dial change Weigth change Dial change
Load control Initial load:Manual loading navigator function
Load: Auto(Load・Hold・Release)
Initial load:Manual adjusting
Display Digital 4-digit display (LCD) Reading indicator on scale
Function OK/NG judgement, Loading navigator, Hardness offset function Auto set gauge, Zero setting not required
Output RS-232C/SPC output -
Size・Weight 210X486X680mm, 40kg 210x486x720mm, 42kg 215x455x682mm, 38kg 210x486x680mm, 40kg
 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester                                    Future-Tech
hardness tester future-tech      hardness photo  
Model FM-100e FM-100 FM-300e FM-300 FM-700e FM-700
Test load A type           mN:   98.07  245.2  490.3  980.7  1,961  2,942  4,903  9,807
           gf :   10    25    50    100   200    300   500   1,000
B type          mN:    49.03   98.07  245.2  490.3  980.7  1,961  2,942  4,903  
           gf::    5     10     25     50   100   200    300   500  
C type          mN:    245.2   490.3  980.7  1,961  2,942  4,903  9,807  19,614
          gf :    25     50   100   200    300   500   1,000  2,000
D type         mN:    9,807    49.03  98.07  490.3   9,807   2,904  4,903  9,807/19,614
          gf :    1      5     10    25    50    300   500  1,000/2,000
Turret device Manual Auto Manual Auto Manual Auto
Diamond indentor Standard Vickers (HV) indentor 1 pc
Objective lens Standard 10x, 20x
Option 50x, 10x, Turret 3 pcs 50x、10x(2 pcs), Turret 4 pcs
Eyepieces 10x
Measuring microscope type Mechanical type Electronics type
Specimen max size Height:95mm, Depth:115mm
Machine size・Weight W 186x D450x H504mm, 40kg
Power source AC100/115/220V 50/60Hz (Selection on panel) (AC240V Request when ordering)
  Vickers Hardness Tester                                      Future-Tech
hardness tester photo       hardness photo 
Model FV-100e FV-100 FV-300e FV-300 FV-700e FV-700
Test load A type            N:    9.807  19.61  29.42  49.03  98.07  196.1  294.2  490.2
         kgf :     1     2    3    5   10    20   30    50
B type           N:     2.942  4.903  9.807  29.42  49.03  98.07  196.1    294.2
         kgf :     0.3    0.5    1    3    5    10    20     30
Turret device Manual Auto Manual Auto Manual Auto
Diamond indentor Standard Vickers(HV)Indentor 1 pc
Objective lens Standard A type 10x/B type 10x ,20x
Option Turret 3 pcs Turret 4 pcs
Eyepieces 10x
Measuring microscope type Mechanical type Auto type
Specimen max size Height:210mm, Depth:165mm
Machine size・Weight W 196x  D517x H690mm, 55kg
Power source AC100~240V 50/60Hz (Request when ordering)
 Rockwell Hardness Tester wiZhard                                  Mitutoyo
hardness tester mitutoyo photo
                 HR-511              HR-522             HR-523    
Model HR-511 HR-521 HR-522 HR-533
Initial load(N) 29.42/98.07
Test load(N) Super facial: 147.1/294.2/441,3
Rockwell: 588.4/980.7/1471
Brinell: 1839 Brinell: 61.29/98.07/153.2/245.2/306.4/
Operation device Sheet switch operation Touch panel operation
Initial load change Changing by switch
Load control Initial load:Manual, Auto stop function・Test load:Auto(Load・Hold・Release) Initial Load:Motorized/Manual
Test :Auto(Load・Hold・Release)
Pipe shape specimen size Minimum pipe diameter:35mm(When special size indentor using:22mm)
Function Continuos measuring function on same specimen, Static arithmetic(Max. Min. Average, Standard devision, Upper limit, Lower limit
Number of OK/NG, Range) HR-511: Through output(No display)
Offset compensation function Cylinderical compensation, Ball compensation, Offset compensation, Multi point compensation, Graphic mapping function
Output RS-232C, Centronics output
Machine size・Weight Machine body: 250x670x605mm, 60kg  Operation panel:165x260x105mm, 0.75kg
 *Brinell testing; Required Brinell indentoer and measuring microscope device in option
 Rockwell Hardness Tester                                      Future-Tech
    hardness tester future-tech photo        hardness tester photo    hardness photo 
Model FR-1e FR-1eL FR-2e FR-2eL FR-3e FR-3eL FR-1AN
Dial-gauge / Motorized Dial gauge/Motorized
Load Basic load   N     98.07
  kgf     10 
  N    29.42
  kgf     3
   N  29.42/98.07
  kgf     3/10
  N     98.07
  kgf     10
Test load   N    588.4/98.07/1471
  kgf    60/100/150
 N 147.1/294.2/441.3
 kgf  15/30/45
   N  147.1/294.2/441.3
   kgf    15/30/45

   N  588.4/98.07/1471
   kgf    60/100/150
  N  588.4/98.07/1471
  kgf    60/100/150
Dial changing Weight changing by manual
Basic load positioning set Auto setting system(LED Level meter, Buzzer, Fine adjust not possible) Designated point on dial gauge
Load control system Auto (Load-Hold-Release)
Specimen max height 190mm 295mm 190mm 295mm 155mm 260mm 170mm
Specimen max depth 155mm 150mm
Machine size FR-e: 190x443x675mm/FR-eL: 190x443x780mm 195x460x677mm
Machine weight 75kg 80kg 73kg 78kg 75kg 80kg 82kg
Power source AC100~240V 50/60Hz  (Request when ordering)
 Rockwell Hardness Tester                                        Wolpert-Wilson
wilson-whorport hardness tester photo
wilson-wolport hardness tester photo
Model 500RA 500MRA
500MRA/S 600MRD-S
A.B.C.F A,B,C,F A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,K,L.,M,P,R,S,V
Resolution 0.5 0.5 0.1
Hardness meter reading Auto、LCD display
Hardness value, Rockwell Load, Hold, Holding time, Upper/Lower limit value,
OK/NG indication, Specimen number, Average, Deviation, Repeat R
Load 588. 980, 1471N Initial load:98N, 588, 980,1471N
Initial load:29.4N, 147.1, 294.2, 441.3N
Load control Manual,
Auto (Initical load:Manual)
Load hold time Free Auto、4-99 second
Applied standard ISO6508, ASTM E-18, GB/T230.2
 Micro Vickers Hardness Tester                                      Wolpert-Wilson
vickers hardness tester photo
viskers hardness tester photo
Model 401MVA 430/450SVA
402MVA Auto-turret 432/452SVA Auto-turret
0.01, 0.025, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2,
0.3, 0.5, 1.0
430SVA: 0.3. 0.5, 10, 20, 30
450SVA: 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50
Test load 0.098-0.245-0.49-0.98
430SVA: 2.94-4.9-9.8-29.4-49-98-196-294N
450SVA: 9.8-19.6-29.4-49-98-196-294-490N
Objective lens 10x, 40x 10x, 20x
Eyepiece lens 10x
Max measureable area 200μm(0.25μm) 100x: 800μm(1μm)
200x: 400μm(0.5μm)
Load control Auto (Load-Hold-Release)
Load hold time Auto, 5-99 seconds
Applied standard ISO6507, ASTM E384, GB/T4340
 Brinell Hardness Tester                                            Mitutoyo
shore hardness tester photo Model AVK-C0
Load(N) 4903/7355/9807/14710
Load change Weight changing by manual
Load control Manual control (Load-Hold-Release)
Load hold time Manual(Free)
Specimen max size Height:200mm, Depth:155mm
Machine size・Weight 430x510x1100mm, 180kg
 Hydraulic type Brinell Hardness Tester                                   Imai Seiki
brinell hardness tester photo Model BO3 BO4 BO6
Load(KN 29.42/14.71/9.807/7.355/4.904
Load change Weight changing by manual
Load control Manual control(Load-Hold-Release)
Load hold time Manual (Free)
Specimen max size Height:200mm
Machine size・Weight 450x500x1120mm, 192kg 450x600x1180mm, 230kg 450x600x1480mm, 250kg
 Shore Hardness Tester                                              Mitutoyo
hardness tester imai seiki photo Model BO3 BO4
Testing object shape General shape Exclusive roll shape
Standard JIS B7727
Display Analog Graduation 0~140 Graduation unit 1HS
Accuracy 35~95HS 30~100HS
Tolerance in average value ±1.5 Tolerance in average value ±1.0
Tolerance in dispersion
Lower than75HS : 1.5
Upper than75HS: 2.0
Tolerance in dispersion:  1.5
Specimen max size Height: 70mm  Depth: 45mm(From indentor centre)
Machine size・Weight 160x170x355mm 16kg
 Rubber ・Plastic Hardness Tester              〔Kori・Koubunshi-keiki・Teclock・Shimdzu〕
 Rubber・Plastic Hardness Tester                               Kori-seiki
asker hardness tester photo  asker hardness tester photo  rubber hardness tester photo   sponge hardness tester photo 
Model Purpose Applied standard Test load
A KR-14A  :Standard General rubber JIS K 6253・ISO 7619
ASTM D2240
KR-24A  :Needle setting
D KR-15D  :Standard Hard rubber JIS K 6253・ISO 7619
ASTM D2240
KR-25D  :Needle setting
KA KR-12KA :Standard General rubber JIS K 6301* 539-8,379mN
KR-22KA :Needle setting
KC KR-16KC :Standard Hard rubber JIS K 6301* 980-44,100mN
KR-26KC :Needle setting
E KR-17E  :Standard Soft rubber JIS K 6253 550-8,050mN
KR-27E  :Needle setting
7A KR-137A :Standard Plastic JIS K 7215・ ISO R 868A
ASTM D 2240A
KR-237A :Needle setting
SA KR-11SA :Standard Soft rubber SRIS 010
JIS S 6050
KR-21SA :Needle setting
 Rubber・Plastic Hardness Tester                                 Koubunshi-Keiki
asker hardness tester photo Model A JA D E C
Test material General rubber Hard rubber
Sponge・Soft rubber
Standard JIS K6253 JIS K6301 JIS K6253 JIS K6253 JIS K7312
Test material General rubber
(凹 shape)
Sponge・Soft rubber
(凹 shape)
Cushion material
Form rubber
Cosmetic paff Styro form
Standard JIS K6301 JIS K7312 Asker F JIS K6253 Asker CS
 Digital type Hardness Tester                                   Koubunshi-Keiki
hardness tester photo Model Applied standard Needle height Test material
DD2-A JIS K6253, K7215 2.50mm General rubber
DD2-D ASTM D2240 ISO868, 7619 Plastic
DD2-E JIS K6253 Soft rubber
DD2-C SRIS 0101 2.54mm String winding
DD2-JA JIS K6301 General rubber
DD2-JC Hard rubber
DD2-B ASTM D2240 2.50mm Semi hard rubber
 Rubber Hardness Tester Load Unit                               Koubunshi-Keiki
plastic hardness tester photo Model P1-A P1-D P1-C PI-E
Applied standard JIS K6253/ISO7619/ASTM D2240 ASKER C JIS K6253
Load system Coil spring type
Min reading value 0.1 point
Needle size 35°Conical-trapezoid
Edge diameter 0.79mm
Edge R-size 0.1mm
Diameter 5.08mm
Radius 2.50mm
Output RS232C (PC/PRINT Change)
Power source AC100V 2A
Weight 18kg 22kg(Weight4kg) 18kg
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