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 Product Information
     Product Category
Optical Devices
arrow Tool Microscope Metallurgical Microscope
arrow Measuring Microscope Objective/Eyepiece Lens
arrow Stereo Microscope Microscope Stage
arrow XY Coordinate Machine Microscope Lamp
arrow Digital Microscope Optical Light Illuminator
矢印 Autocollimator Fiber Endscope
Line Generator CCD Microscope
Polisher ・Mounting Machine Industrial Camera/ Monitor
stereomicroscope photo  measuring microscope photo image microscope photo
PC microscope photo2 coordinate measuring machine photo 2 coordinate measuring machine photo
Profile Projector ・ Rupe
arrow Profile Projector 矢印 Magnifier
矢印 Loupe
profile projector photo large profile projector photo magnifier photo magnifier photo
Measuring Apparatus
Micrometer Linear Gauge
Caliperope Glass Scale
arrow Height Gauge Digital Indicator
Dial Indicator 3-Point Internal Micrometer
Gauge Stand Cylinder Gauge
Depth Gauge Bore Gauge
Inner/Outer Gauge Rotary Encoder
Agnle Meter Angle Tester
  caliper photo
  micrometer photo 
linear gauge photo  height gauge photo angle gauge photo
Measuring Support Tool
Magnetic Apparatus Counter
Marking Tool Centering Gauge
Leveler Granite Table
v block photo sign base photo granite table photo leveler photo
Gauge ・Master Standard
Pin Gauge Master Ring Gauge
Block Gauge LimitObjective/Eyepiece Lens
Thread Gauge Microscope Stage
R Gauge Microscope Lamp
Auto-colimeter Optical Light Illuminator
Line Generator Fiber Endscope
Polisher ・Mounting Machine Industrial CCD camera/ Monitor
block gauge photo  pin gauge photo  r gauge photo
CMM Layout Machine
Non-contact CMM Stylus
tesa CMM photo JTS CMM photo Large CMM photo
Form Measuring Instrument
Surface Roughness Machine Contour Measuring Machine
Roundness Measure Machine Stylus
Roundness tester photo Surface tester photo  surface tester photo
Material Tester
arrow Hardness Tester arrow Strograph
arrow Universal Tester arrow Schopper Tensile Strength Tester
arrow Bending Tester arrow Bendograph
arrow Abrasion Tester arrow Ring Crush Tester
arrow Endurance Tester Container Compression Tester
arrow Vibration Tester arrow Impact Tester
arrow Corrosion Tester Puncture Tester
arrow Solt Spray Tester arrow Friction Tester
arrow Constant Temp. Humidity Cabinet Ink Rub Tester
arrow Rubber Tester arrow Rheolograph
rockwell hardness tester photo vickers hardness tester photo hardness tester test piece push pull stand photo
 universal tester photo auto graph photo constant temperature cabinet salt sprayer photo
Push/Pull ・Load-Cell
arrow Push/Pull Gauge arrow Visco Meter
Torque Meter arrow Load-cell
arrow Load Meter
force gage photo cap open tension tester photo 
Weighing Scale・Weight
Digital Weighing Scale Precison Weight
Counting Scale
digital weighing machine photo precision weighing machine photo precision weight
Thermometer ・Recorder
Thermometer・Hygrometer Temperature Controller
Thermo/Humidty Recorder Thermo Sensor
Surface Thermometer Thermo Label
Non-contact Thermometer
temperature humidty recorder photo  non contact temperature meter photo water weight machine photo tacometer photo non contact thermometer photo
Pressure Meter
Pressure Gauge Manometer
Pressure Sensor Differential Gauge
Pirani Vacuum Gauge Leak Tester
water meter photo pressure meter photo pressure leak meter photo
Industrial Meter ・Tester
Color Meter Magnet Flaw Meter
Luminance Meter Stroboscope
Illuminance Meter Tachometer
arrow Sound Level Meter arrow Lead Wetability Tester/Solder Checker
arrow Coating Thickness Tester pH Meter
Flaw Detector Gas Detector
arrow Particle Counter arrow Vibration Meter
arrow Viscometer
non contact thermometer photo Color intensity meter photo solder checker photo solder checker photo

Sound meter Vibration meter Particle counter Vibration meter
Factory Machinery ・FA Equipment
UV Curing Machine Magnet Wire Winding Machine
Lazer Printing Machine DVD Pick-up Assemby Machine
Magnetizing Machine Factory Automation Equipment
arrow FPC/PCB Inspection Equipment arrow LCD Module Machine/Handphone assy
着磁ヨーク uv oven photo lazer printer photo
Electric Meter ・Tester
Multi Meter Insulation Meter
AC/DC/R Meter Voltage Stabilizer
digital tester photo  electric tester photo digita tester photo
Sub-Material ・Consumables
Magnet Wire Industrial Brush
Air/Oil Filter Cutting Oil/Rust Proof Oil
Printing Paper
industrial filter photo filter photo cutting oil photo
Our Major Product
arrow Hardness Tester arrow Profile Projector
arrow CMM arrow Push/Pull Tester
 rockwell hardness tester photo profile projector photo JTS CMM photo  push pull tester photo
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