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  2 Coordinate Measuring Machine・Micro Protter・Digi-grammer                        〔Japan Technical〕
2 coordinate measuring machine digit system photo Model  DSM-700N/ DSM-1000N
Measuring range  700x700m/ 1000x1000mm
Minimum reading  0.001mm
Measuring accuracy  U1=±0.01mm
Microscope Zoom microscope (Magnification 16~100X on 15inches monitor)
Image display  LCD monitor 15 inches
Measuring unit  Hydenhain Linear scale
Illumination Reflected ・Transmitted illumination
Line generator  Circle line ・Closs-line, digital line generator
Option  Data processor, High maginied microscope, Printer
coordinate measuring machine photo Model  TSL-FTV-DX3.5/TSL-FVT-SuperPlus
Measuring range  710x580mm/710x550mm
Minimum reading  15μm/10μm
Resolution  1.5~9μm/1μm (On display unit)
Microscope  Zoom microscope (30~200X on monitor)
Image display  LCD monitor 17inches (2 units) 
Measuring unit  High precision linear scale
Illumination  Reflected ・Transmitted illumination
Drive system  AC Servo motor, Precision ball screw
Data processer  Exclusive PC ・Software
Measuring mode Coordination・Distance・Pitch・Circle・Angle・Area
Option  Printer
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